New Options
Ignoring Disabilities, Cultivating Talents

Dream, Discover, Develop, Succeed
We provide career development services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Whether their goal is to obtain employment in community or to start and run a small business/micro enterprise, New Options provides guidance, training, operations assistance, business development and
product development assistance, job placement assistance
on-site job coaching, and more.

Client's Testimonials

For the first time in a long time, I can tell you that I finally feel I'm at the right place at the right time. Being at New Options is a true blessing, because it's giving me an opportunity to grow as a person in many areas. I feel very humbled to be a part of this company and to know great people like Mike, Brenda, Jay, Michelle, and the others who work there. They are all special people, because their vision is to help others who need an extra push and guide us individually to reach our own goal. For that, I say thank you!



New Options has helped me in many areas. They have helped me reach my goals of becoming a professional DJ. They have given me personal assistance in promotion and also training to DJ. They help me with transporting all my equipment to each event, and they also give me a hands-on Success Coach to help me at each event. New Options helped me get my IDA grant so that I could purchase all my DJ equipment. I am thankful that New Options was willing to help me get my business license for my DJ career. New Options has helped me in all these areas and helped me make my dream a reality. Thank you New Options!