New Options
Ignoring Disabilities, Cultivating Talents

Dream, Discover, Develop, Succeed
We provide career development services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Whether their goal is to obtain employment in the community or to start and run a small business/micro enterprise, New Options provides guidance, training, operations assistance, business development and
product development assistance, job placement assistance
on-site job coaching, and more.

Our Pledge


To our participants we pledge to provide the highest quality in service, honest and objective assessments and recomendations, commitment to your success,and a goal of independence for you as a consumer.



To our referral partners we pledge to provide timely and honest feedback, to be a part of the participant's team and not just a sevice provider, to provide honest and objective time tables for participant goals, and to provide only neccessary and relevant services for a reasonable cost, and for a period of time not longer than what is needed.



To our business partners we pledge to communicate openly and thoroughly about participant abilities as well as their barriers, to provide well trained, extremely loyal, and committed individuals who can provide stability to your current workforce, to assist your company in understanding the abilities and benifits these participants bring that can help you succeed, to provide a resourse to you that will help increase you staff's awareness and acceptance of diversity.



To our community we pledge to provide ongoing education and awareness concerning true acceptence and intergration of people with developmental disabilities into the frabric of our society, and to assist our community in its commitment to diversity.

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