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Dream, Discover, Develop, Succeed
We provide career development services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Whether their goal is to obtain employment in the community or to start and run a small business/micro enterprise, New Options provides guidance, training, operations assistance, business development and
product development assistance, job placement assistance
on-site job coaching, and more.

About Garden of Eatin' Coffee House and Grill



Garden of Eatin' is a local coffee house and grill that serves multiple functions. The Garden of Eatin' provides a positive environment where you can enjoy quality fare while supporting a great purpose.

Most importantly it is a work training ground for individuals who have been labeled as having a developmental disability. Many of those working in the Garden of Eatin' are learning about work ethic, responsibility, structure, organization, as well as specific job skills which can be put to use as they seek future employment in the community. Our commitment is to assist these individuals on their journey to independence. At New Options, we are Ignoring Disabilities and Cultivating Talents.


Garden of Eatin' Coffee House and Grill is located at 6501 Schirra Ct, Suite #316

The cafe is located on the west side of Ashe Road.

Contact: (661)617-6380

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